Open Distro

Participate in Building Open Distro

Open Distro is currently a very big project being worked on by very few people. We would like that to change. Currently we're feeling our way around build a healthy community. If the project sounds interesting to you, and you may want to participate head over to the forums and say hi.

We need people in almost every area. People to test packages, test installation and the live system, to give us feedback on using the system. We need people in the community to participate in the forums and the wiki, to help others get started and to help guide the development of Open Distro as a whole.

We've also created quite a bit of custom software to make this work, from the package manager, to the live cd system, the package servers, low level system utilities, service management tools, and more. We'll be posting more about our tools and releasing the source code soon, but if this sounds like a fun and interesting project to you, again, introduce yourself in the forums.