Open Distro

Open Distro Philosophy

At the core of Open Distro we want to eliminate as much of the middle-man as we can between developers and end users. In general terms, developers do a lot of work to make sure their software works brilliantly, but then "distros" come along and tweak it.

We find this practice of modifying software causes more problems then it solves and is also limiting the progress of some software.

Whenever we find an issue with a piece of software we try to work with the developers to correct the problem. If we have a solution, we send the author patches and contribute back, but we try hard to make as few changes as possible. The only changes so far made are to configuration and compilation issues.

This philosophy may make it slightly more difficult to create a system that is, in fact, as user friendly as some other distributions, but we believe it can be done.


The Sabre release series will be based on individual packages and is mainly intended as a testing and development system. If you want to work on Open Distro itself then Sabre is an excellent choice for you.

Other Series

Other series are planned, and more information will be published soon, but finalizing the initial Sabre releases is our top priority at the moment.